InVest West

San Francisco, CA
December 6-7, 2018

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In|Vest West: More Innovations in Investing, Saving & Advice

The digital transformation of the wealth management industry is happening quickly. The industry’s largest players are swiftly adapting to meet ever-increasing customer expectations, and the rest of the field striving to keep pace. Behind the scenes, many firms are increasing technology investments and increasing headcount in an effort to drive growth, but margins remain under pressure. In|Vest West will explore all the dynamics at play—from front to back office—and the technologies that are shaping the future of the firm.

In|Vest West 2018 will offer a specific focus on the firms that are bringing investing to the masses and those that are involved in the growing wave of consolidation. Track topics will include: The Democratization of Wealth Management; The Evolution of RIAs; Transformation of Asset Management; Driving Growth; Innovation & Partnerships. As always, a limited number of firms will be selected to offer live demos.

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Want the full picture? View the event agenda to meet the digital wealth leaders who are speaking and learn more about the topics they’re covering.