Leading Provider of Event Support Leverages Technology, Data and Analytics to Drive New Stage of Seamless, Connected Experience for Conference Attendees

Lexington, Mass. – June 6, 2019 – ConferenceAdit, a technology-enabled provider of comprehensive continuing education event support for the retail wealth management space, today announced the expansion of its turnkey suite of services to deliver mobile-based continuing education solutions for attendees of conferences organized by independent broker-dealers, custodians and industry associations. With the expansion of its platform, ConferenceAdit now provides any organization hosting a continuing education (CE) conference with the ability to track attendee participation, conduct instant attendee surveys and distribute digital conference materials via a streamlined mobile-based platform.

Martha Gallagher, ConferenceAdit’s co-founder, said, “ConferenceAdit’s services are available to firms and industry associations of all sizes and across all affiliation models for any CE designation. Anyone who has conducted a conference with a continuing education component to it is painfully aware of the profoundly taxing logistical process associated with many continuing education resources. With ConferenceAdit, we are addressing the pain points that can plague the successful running of a conference, thereby reducing headaches for organizers and creating a more engaging, connected CE experience for attendees.

On the attendee-facing side of its offering, ConferenceAdit allows CE participants to have access to conference- and course-level materials, agendas and personalized reporting of their CE completion certificates from any smart device without having to download an app. ConferenceAdit can be used on its own or integrated with other event-administration platforms currently on the market.

As CEO of a multidisciplinary organization with over 75 chapters, I see offering continuing education at our events as a true strategic advantage to grow participation and thus membership,” said Joseph Frack, CEO of the Society of Financial Service Professionals. “We have found ConferenceAdit to be a superb and timely improvement to the entire process of obtaining CE credits.

For the conference host, the platform provides a complete interactive dashboard on which organizers can manage courses, handle registrations and communicate with attendees via email or text message. Meanwhile, with ConferenceAdit’s course-level survey functionality, hosts can conduct surveys with attendees immediately following each session and share results with speakers and other organizing staff.

Steve Buscema, ConferenceAdit’s other co-founder, said, “Across the retail wealth management space, continued education participants are already well-versed in mobile platforms. They’re on their phones virtually every day, and so we have already seen enthusiastic adoption of ConferenceAdit’s services at events where it has been deployed. For the host, the alternative is a manual process of collecting and documenting attendee information and participation, communicating with attendees and distributing conference materials. ConferenceAdit eases that burden.

Added Ms. Gallagher, “Attracting attendees to continued education-related conferences is a perennial challenge for firms and industry associations across the retail wealth management industry. But the more effectively organizations can deliver on a seamless, headache-free experience for attendees, the more attendees will be drawn to their events. ConferenceAdit does just that – simply and efficiently. Applying the latest technology, data and analytics to the traditional CE space eliminates the potential for mistakes and inefficiencies that plagued the old way of doing things.

ConferenceAdit is a business line of AdvisorAdit LLC, a firm offering consulting, analytics and event support services for independent financial advisors, related organizations and the independent wealth management industry’s provider community.

About ConferenceAdit

ConferenceAdit is a technology-enabled provider of comprehensive continuing education event support services for associations, higher-education institutions, companies and other organizations in any industry that offer continuing education conferences. Its turnkey suite of services uses smartphone technology to help conference hosts engage and communicate with attendees in ways that remove many of the logistical headaches and create a seamless experience for attendees. For more information, please visit www.conferenceadit.com.

About AdvisorAdit

AdvisorAdit offers technology-enabled consulting, analytics, content-curation and event-support services that drive closer alignment and seamless communications between firms and professionals in the wealth management space, with strategists and product companies in the asset management industry. For more information, please visit www.advisoradit.com.

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