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Club Member since September 2017
AdvisorEngine is a trailblazer that created a unique offering, infusing a white-label digital B2B solution for financial institutions with lots of integrations and impressive API abilities.
Club Member since February 2018
AdvisoryWorld is a leading provider of technology for financial planning, portfolio analytics, and proposal generation.
Club Member since November 2017
Hedgeable is known as an innovator due to the AI module, investing strategies, and downside protection.
Club Member since June 2018
Quovo is a data platform providing insights and connectivity for millions of financial accounts across thousands of institutions.
Totum Risk
Club Member since June 2018
Totum is the digital risk tolerance questionnaire that helps financial advisors understand how much risk their clients can comfortably take based on their life situation.
Club Member since August 2018
Wikifolio is an Austria-based online platform for investment strategies of traders and asset managers.
Addepar is the financial operating system that brings common sense and data-driven investing to our financial world.

Advisors Assistant
Advisors Assistant is a contact management, CRM, portfolio management and insurance tracking application.

Advyzon is the integrated platform includes customizable performance reporting, flexible billing, client relationship management (CRM), configurable client web portals, document storage and business intelligence.

AgentRisk is an automated portfolio management & option strategies, all managed by AI.