Laserfiche: Smart Content Management and Automation for Faster Scaling

Laserfiche is the private Enterprise Content Management (ECM) software development company.

MacroRisk Analytics: The Formula 1 of Risk Analysis

MacroRisk Analytics is a risk management platform that allows financial advisors to see the affect that the economy has on the price of assets in their clients’ portfolios.

FinMason: Redefining the Power of Analytics

FinMason is the independent investment analytics engine for financial services platforms.

MoneyGuidePro: Financial Planning is Never Static

PIEtech, Inc. develops financial planning software for financial advisors in financial services industry. It offers MoneyGuidePro, an Internet-based financial planning software.

Windham Labs: Sophisticated Investment Analytics and Smart Wealth Management

Windham Labs, a division of Windham Capital Management, LLC, provides accessible service, sophisticated products, and comprehensive solutions.

Polaris Portfolios: Visual Plug-and-play Wealth Management

Polaris Portfolios is an automated investment service helping individuals and their families receive fiduciary-driven investment advice and achieve their financial goals.

Jemstep: Robust Technology to Leverage Financial Advice

Jemstep is a wholly-owned, indirect subsidiary committed to maintaining an open investment platform for financial advisors, RIAs, IBDs, banks and insurers.

Ignition Advice: Australian Robo-Advisor is Going Global

Ignition Advice is a robo-advice specialist providing digital advice solutions in Australia and Europe.

55ip: Intelligent, Custom, Automated Investment Strategies

55ip provides a white label, brandable investment strategy engine revolutionizing wealth management.