Enterprise Wealth Management with MyVest: Successful Business with a Human Touch

MyVest is a FinTech trailblazer that is utilizing the power of technology to create its daring offerings.

AdvisoryWorld: Technology Investment Professionals Cannot do Without

AdvisoryWorld is a leading provider of technology for financial planning, portfolio analytics, and proposal generation.

PlanPlus: Goal-based Financial Planning with Ease

PlanPlus is an Ontario-based provider of a high-quality multilingual goal-based financial planning software. PlanPlus Inc. and FinaMetrica of Australia merged into PlanPlus Global in 2017.

NexJ: Intelligent Customer Management for Insurance and Financial Markets

NexJ is a global provider of cloud-based solutions for intelligent customer management used by large enterprises.

Aspiration: How to Make Money Making a Difference

Aspiration helps thousands of Americans to become healthier financially and to accelerate in a sustainable manner.

Evolute: On a First-name Basis with Technology and Industry Regulations

Evolute offers end-to-end digital wealth management tools for banks and independent asset managers.

Folio Institutional: A FinTech, Brokerage and Custody Partner for RIAs and Enterprises

Folio Institutional is a leading brokerage, custody and financial technology company all in one.

Trizic: Parallel Assembly Lines for Software

Trizic delivers workflow automation technology to financial advisors and have a unique approach for banks.

Invessence: Built to be Flexible

Invessence automates the entire investing process into a streamlined online solution.

Hedgeable: Artificial Intelligence and Communication

Hedgeable is known as an innovator due to the AI module, investing strategies, and downside protection.