Practifi: Intercontinental Business Management for the Modern Advisor

Practifi is the business management platform for financial advice, retirement and insurance.

Halbert Hargrove: Providing Wealth Advisory Services since 1933

Halbert Hargrove provides a goals-directed planning process for wealthy families and individuals.

TradingView: Feature-Rich Online Financial Platform

TradingView is an advanced financial visualization platform with the ease of use of a modern website. It is the most active social network for traders and investors.

United Capital: FinLife Management for the 21st Century

United Capital is a wealth counseling company that specializes in financial life management and investment management.

Equity Advisor Solutions: All-in-one Custodian for Any Type of Asset

Equity Advisor Solutions provides custody, technology and back-office solutions to RIA’s, Hybrids, TAMP’s and broker-dealers.

Bristol Gate Capital Partners: Merging Data Science and Fundamental Analysis

Bristol Gate uses machine learning in combination with fundamental analysis to construct high dividend growth portfolios.

Laserfiche: Smart Content Management and Automation for Faster Scaling

Laserfiche is the private Enterprise Content Management (ECM) software development company.

MacroRisk Analytics: The Formula 1 of Risk Analysis

MacroRisk Analytics is a risk management platform that allows financial advisors to see the affect that the economy has on the price of assets in their clients’ portfolios.

FinMason: Redefining the Power of Analytics

FinMason is the independent investment analytics engine for financial services platforms.