First Rate: The Right Balance between Customization and Core Functionality

First Rate helps wealth management companies grow, thrive as stewards of their clients' investments, and foster superior client relationships.

ActiFi: Fueling Success through Proven Process Management

ActiFi provides practice management solutions to financial institutions and financial advisory firms.

iCapital Network: A Technology Platform for Alternative Investments

iCapital Network is a financial technology platform that provides modular alternative investment solutions for registered investment advisors, broker-dealers, private banks, family offices and other sophisticated investors.

Salesforce: A Unified Financial Services Experience To Help Advisory Teams Unlock Client Loyalty

Salesforce is a global cloud computing company that develops customer relationship management (CRM) solutions and provides business software on a subscription basis.

tastytrade and tastyworks: Be the Master of Your Fate With DIY Investing

tastyworks is a brokerage company providing an online trading platform that enables users to make investments in options, stocks, futures, and ETFs.

Capitect: Portfolio Personalization Made Easy

The Capitect platform provides a technology solution to streamline the portfolio construction and rebalancing process for advisors.

Ionlake: Text Communication Platform Built by an Advisor for Advisors

Ionlake provides financial advisors with MyRepChat, a solution to compliant SMS texting. MyRepChat is a fully compliant SMS texting platform for a BYOD environment.

Advisor Software (ASI): Extensive Set of Cloud Platforms and Solutions for Financial Advisors and Institutions

Advisor Software, Inc. is a leading provider of wealth management cloud platforms for financial advisors and institutions.

New Constructs: The Most Precise Valuation Based on AI-Powered Fundamental Analysis

New Constructs provides the stock research tools online (alerts, research, ratings and screeners, ETFs and mutual funds), powered by machine learning.