Experts Interviews

Gerard Michael

Cofounder and president at Smartleaf.

WealthTech Insights #31 with Jerry Michael: Financial Advisors Moving Towards Life Coaching

With Jerry Michael, president of Smartleaf, we discussed how robo-advisory solutions impact the services that financial advisors offer, why calendar-based rebalancing are becoming inefficient, and whether robos may replace human…

Lori Hardwick

Founder and President at AI Labs

WealthTech Insights #30 with Lori Hardwick: How to Build a Strong Network in the Industry

Lori Hardwick is a prominent leader in financial services with over 25 years of experience in the industry. With Lori, we discussed trends, problems, and opportunities in the industry, and…

Lowell Putnam

Cofounder and CEO at Quovo

WealthTech Insights #29 with Lowell Putnam: Automated Solutions Eliminate the Human Component

With Lowell Putnam, co-founder and CEO at Quovo, we discussed trends disrupting the wealth-management industry, peculiarities of working with FinTech startups and financial enterprises, and expectations about the industry’s future.

Larry Shumbres

CEO at Totum Risk

WealthTech Insights #28 with Larry Shumbres: Robo-Advisors and Machine Learning for Industry Growth

With Larry Shumbres, CEO of Totum Risk, we talked about the explosion of robo-advisory services, artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, and blockchain. Larry shared his expectations about their impact on…

Josh Book

CEO of ParameterInsights

WealthTech Insights #27 with Josh Book: Build, buy or partner? How tech engages with wealth management

Continuing the dialogue with WealthTech influencers, we spoke with Josh Book, founder and CEO of Canadian ParameterInsights, and discussed what’s trending in the market as well as the future of…

Matthew Wolniewicz

President of Fi360.

WealthTech Insights #26 with Matt Wolniewicz: Automating tasks and adhering to the changing regulatory landscape

Matt Wolniewicz, the president of Fi360, shares his thoughts on major trends, benefits of big data analytics and artificial intelligence, FinTech companies to watch. Matt also gives some insights about…

Alexis Kalmanovitz

Founder and managing director of Zelig Associates

WealthTech Insights #25 with Alexis Kalmanovitz: On cultural difference and high touch in wealth management

With Alexis Kalmanovitz, who specializes in financial technology focusing on enterprise services, we discuss upcoming trends in wealth management, such as digitizing the industry, big data and AI, and the…

Stephen Huppert

Head of Engagement at Optimum Pensions and Director…

WealthTech Insights #24 with Stephen Huppert: Superannuation funds demystified

With Stephen Huppert, a Melbourne-based superannuation expert who recently started his own independent consulting practice, we discussed the difference between robo-advice and digital advice, AI, machine learning, data analytics, regulations…

Robert J. Stanich

Global Banking and Financial Markets Offering Manager at…

WealthTech Insights #23 with Robert J. Stanich. Modern-day wealth management: A top-line revenue model

For this interview, we met with Robert J. Stanich, an offering manager for the wealth-management and banking arms at IBM Watson Financial Services. Here, we present his thoughts on industry…

Bryan Sachdeva

Vice President of Wealth Management Solutions at NexJ Systems

WealthTech Insights #22 with Bryan Sachdeva: Highly Personalized Experience will define the Industry Winners

With Bryan, I discussed global trends in wealth management and how these differ around the world, and tapped into the persisting debate about humans and robo components in the industry…