Investment POD: A Sophisticated Investment Automation Platform That Stands the Test of Time

Research and Analysis
6 December 2018

Investment POD has innovated an automated way to build a portfolio to enable wealth growth independent of market conditions, an approach that is transforming the industry. I had a call with Jacqueline Ko Matthews, CEO, to outline the history, the current state and offerings of the platform.
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inStream: Proactive Wealth Management for the Smart Advisor

inStream Solutions is the proactive financial planning software for advisors.

WealthTech Weekly December 3, 2018

WealthTech Weekly December 3, 2018

Redtail published the results from a survey entitled "Gen Tech". Robinhood goes on filling key jobs. TD Ameritrade Institutional holds its first advisory-focused FinTech competition. BlackRock announced a strategic partnership with Envestnet. Nutmeg has…

Roland Collins

CTO and Cofounder of InvestEdge

WealthTech Insights #44 with Roland Collins: The Tech Horizon and its Impact on the FinTech World

Our series on experts and their insights into the world of FinTech continues with Roland Collins, cofounder and CTO of InvestEdge. Roland talked about what he sees brewing in FinTech,…

Wela: Conversation Makes Advice Powerful

Wela is a digital financial advisor leveraging technology to deliver financial advice to the mass affluent.

WealthTech Weekly November 26, 2018

WealthTech Weekly November 26, 2018

Morgan Stanley launches a new advisory technology platform to provide financial advisors with one dashboard for all services. DriveWealth has formed a strategic partnership with Trading Central to leverage common elements of…

Michel van Tol

Chief Investment Officer at Huddlestock

WealthTech Insights #43 with Michel van Tol: Benefits of Investing in Individual Stocks

Continuing on with our WealthTech Insights series, we talked to Michel van Tol, CIO at Huddlestock, a crowd-investing platform that is bringing hedge fund strategies closer to retail investors. He…

WealthTech Weekly November 19, 2018

WealthTech Weekly November 19, 2018

New and expanded partnerships: BlackRock with CleanCapital, RightCapital with Commonwealth, Brinker Capital with AdvisoryWorld, SEI with Fusion Wealth. Addepar was honored by Morgan Stanley. Evestor is to launch a new brand ‘OpenMoney’. Betterment redesigns Advisor…

iQuantifi: A Distinctive Robo-Planner to Help People Achieve Their Goals

iQuantifi is a RoboPlanner® that contracts with financial institutions to help their clients identify, prioritize and achieve their financial goals.

Alan Illing

CTO, Head of Technology at Bridge FT

WealthTech Insights #42 with Alan Illing: How the Tech Revolution is Shaping the Future of FinTech

Our series of expert insights continues with Alan Illing, CTO and head of technology at Bridge FT. In my interview with Alan, I learned a lot about his view on…