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14 August 2018 is a Vienna-based FinTech startup that develops an online platform for investment strategies and aims to combine investing money and the principles of social media. Andreas Kern, CEO, shared details about the company.
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Wikifolio is an Austria-based online platform for investment strategies of traders and asset managers.

ActiveAllocator: Digital Asset Allocation Platform with Technology-Enabled Customized Advice

ActiveAllocator is a digital asset allocation platform with technology-enabled customized advice capabilities.

Gerard Michael

Cofounder and president at Smartleaf.

WealthTech Insights #31 with Jerry Michael: Financial Advisors Moving Towards Life Coaching

With Jerry Michael, president of Smartleaf, we discussed how robo-advisory solutions impact the services that financial advisors offer, why calendar-based rebalancing are becoming inefficient, and whether robos may replace human…

Hydrogen’s REST APIs: Sophisticated FinTech Apps Made Simple

The Hydrogen platform features powerful REST APIs with modules built for fintech.

Lori Hardwick

Founder and President at AI Labs

WealthTech Insights #30 with Lori Hardwick: How to Build a Strong Network in the Industry

Lori Hardwick is a prominent leader in financial services with over 25 years of experience in the industry. With Lori, we discussed trends, problems, and opportunities in the industry, and…

Smartleaf: Automating Rebalancing to Empower Financial Advisors

Smartleaf is a rebalancing and portfolio management platform that empowers advisors to deliver more to their clients.

Emotomy: Value Delivery Chain from A to Z

Emotomy is helping financial advisors build, manage and market their own investment strategies.

WealthTech Cookbook. Financial Planning Tools

WealthTech Cookbook. Financial Planning Tools

Continuing the WealthTech Cookbook series, we turn our attention to financial planning. In the article, we cover the main steps of the financial planning process and review the landscape of…

Advisor Innovation Labs: A New Approach to Financial Services

AI Labs develops FinTech solutions that help financial advisors improve the way they work with their clients

Lowell Putnam

Cofounder and CEO at Quovo

WealthTech Insights #29 with Lowell Putnam: Automated Solutions Eliminate the Human Component

With Lowell Putnam, co-founder and CEO at Quovo, we discussed trends disrupting the wealth-management industry, peculiarities of working with FinTech startups and financial enterprises, and expectations about the industry’s future.

Advicefront: The Platform for Financial Advisors with Their Clients in Mind

AdviceFront is an investment platform for independent financial advisors. It is based on algorithmic investing and behavioral side of financial advice.

WealthBar: Stress-free Online Investment

WealthBar provides online financial advisory, investment management, and financial planning tools to investors.