B2C and B2B Robo-Advisory: Human Touch Is Still Required, but Not for Everyone

B2B and B2C robo-advisors

Here, we present a cherry-picked list of companies that have created B2C and B2B platforms that are disrupting the modern WealthTech industry. At lower cost, B2C platforms offer discretionary ETF-based portfolio management that can incorporate automated rebalancing, as well as tax harvesting. B2B solutions nowadays present a useful toolkit for professional players in wealth management.

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Robo-advisor of the Future

Vasyl Soloshchuk

Roboadvisor of the Future

Today, robo-advisors are rapidly increasing in popularity. They provide financial planning at low cost with a variety of programs and features. But what will they look like tomorrow? In this post, I discuss how robo-advising may change in the next five to 10 years.

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Must-Know Wealth Management Terminology for Software Developers: Part 2

Wealth Management terminology

In this post, I focus on the most popular mathematical models for portfolio optimization: Modern Portfolio Theory, Black–Litterman Model, and Fama–French Model. How may portfolio return, a variance of the portfolio, and efficient frontier be calculated using each of them? Understanding differences between the models may be crucial for software developers who create wealth management platforms.

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